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Formerly known as Ensco before going through a few name changes, Valaris filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and finished restructuring in 2021. Bankruptcy notwithstanding, Valaris Limited is still a global provider of offshore drilling services to major international, government-owned, and independent oil and gas companies. Even if its fleet has been somewhat depleted post-bankruptcy, it still boasts the world's largest offshore fleet with 11 drillships, 5 semisubmersibles, 35 jack-ups, and 2 deepwater managed units.  It has drilled in nearly every major offshore basin and has major bases of operations in Angola, Brazil, Norway, Scotland, UAE, and the USA.

Offshore Accidents on Valaris Limited's Watch

Just as any other major company in this hazard-filled industry, Valaris Ltd. is keen to downplay any reports of injury or death on the job, and all too often, there is also a clear pattern of corporate indifference or negligence that leads to preventable accidents.

A couple of incidents involving Valaris Limited include:

  • October of 2014, back when Valaris was still Ensco, two oil rig workers died during a routine lifeboat inspection off the coast of Malaysia. The two were working on a lifeboat that was suddenly dropped 150 feet into the water, as the safety harness holding the lifeboat had snapped and fell onto both men's heads, inflicting deadly injuries.
  • January of 2023, a man fell overboard from a Valaris Limited jack-up rig in the North Sea and was never found. Officials noted in an inspection afterwards that there was a hole in the flooring on the rig, as some grating lacked the fasteners that are meant to keep such grating in place, and because of this it had been displaced, leaving a hole big enough for workers to fall through.

Valaris Limited Merged with Rowan Companies 

Rowan Companies PLC provides offshore drilling services as a contractor to petroleum companies. The company was founded in 1923 and is headquartered in Houston. Today, its fleet consists of 25 jack-up rigs. The company also has four ultra-deep water drilling ships. These modern ships are capable of drilling wells that are up to 40,000 feet deep in water depths of up to 12,000 feet. The company operates its rigs in rough waters and harsh environments in the Gulf of Mexico and around the world. In 2019, Ensco merged with Rowan to become EnscoRowan plc, but then by July the name had changed to Valaris plc.

Rowan Companies' Safety History

Rowan Companies operates numerous subsidiaries worldwide and employs thousands of workers. Like many other offshore companies, they don't have a perfect safety record. Our Rowan Companies accident lawyers have filed cases against the company for negligence in the past.

The following are some of the incidents involving Rowan Companies vessels:

  • 2017 - The Norwegian safety body, Petroleum Safety Authority, notified Rowan Companies of safety issues on a drilling rig owned by the company. The PSA noted that the company had deficiencies in their maintenance management system.
  • 2016 - In another audit by the PSA, a Rowan Companies jack-up rig failed safety requirements. Violations included crushing hazards and issues with fire stations and life jackets. The PSA also noted that the crew lacked training for emergency response.
  • 2015 - Arnold & Itkin filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Rowan Companies on behalf of a man who was killed while working for the company in July of 2015. The worker suffered a medical emergency on a drilling rig and was not evacuated for several hours, costing him his life.

Rowan-Midland Drilling Rig Fine

Between 2002 and 2005, Rowan Companies operated the Rowan-Midland rig in the Gulf of Mexico while discharging pollutants. After a government inspection, it was revealed that employees were knowingly dumping hydraulic oil, paint, and garbage into the gulf. This was found to be in severe violation of the Clean Water Act (CWA) and the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships (APPS). Rowan Companies pleaded guilty to three felonies and was required to pay penalties totaling $9,000,000. The company was also placed on probation and was required to create an environmental division. Nine of the company's employees were also fined $2,500 each. Rowan Companies eventually sold the Rowan-Midland rig for an estimated $60,000,000.

We Help Injured Workers Fight Major Corporations & Their Subsidiaries

Large companies like Valaris Limited and Rowan Companies are masters of utilizing the legal system to their benefit. Legally speaking, workers who are injured due to negligence by Valaris (or its managers) are entitled to sue for their loss of wages, medical costs, diminished earning capacity, mental anguish, and more. In reality, however, companies like Valaris know that they can wait out your claim. They can delay you, forcing you to settle when you eventually run out of money to live—after all, injured people often can't go back to work.

The Valaris Limited accident attorneys at Arnold & Itkin have helped thousands of workers stand up to companies like Valaris and Rowan Companies. We've fought against the largest insurers, manufacturers, and corporations in the nation, but we've never flinched. Our clients have won billions of dollars because we have the resources and tools to level the playing field, ensuring that everyone, no matter their situation, can fight for justice. Our lawyers take on the costs of every case. Let us help you make things right. Let us help you rebuild.

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