MacGregor Group Accident Lawyers

Holding Cargo & Load Handling Companies Responsible

The MacGregor Group, a subsidiary of Cargotec Corporation, provides marine cargo and offshore load-handling solutions for container ships, bulk carriers, general cargo ships, reefer ships, and others. MacGregor Group products include cranes, winches, deck-skid systems, port access systems, and more. The company's main customers are shipowners, ship and port operators, and shipyards in the commercial marine and offshore industries.

The MacGregor brothers started the company in 1929, after having built some of the first steel hatch covers. Now, MacGregor is a leading name in cargo and load handling for offshore and marine companies. With nearly 2,000 employees as of 2022, the company operates across 31 countries, providing a 24/7 service network, upgrades, repairs, and spare parts for many cargo-carrying vessels.

In a Hazardous Industry, Accidents Are Still Preventable

The offshore industry is full of dangers for the people who work in it. However, this does not release companies from their responsibility to protect workers from harm. Most accidents, injuries, or fatalities at sea are a result of negligence; they are fundamentally preventable with proper care. The Jones Act lawyers at Arnold & Itkin have seen a repeating pattern: companies boast about safety but fail to keep workers safe. Too often, it’s to the extent where simple repairs or replacement parts would have addressed the hazard and prevented an accident, but in order to save pennies, the company decided to put their workers at risk instead. If you or a loved one has been hurt working for the MacGregor Group, we can help you hold this company accountable, both for your sake and the sake of future employees.

Our Experienced Lawyers Are Ready to Help

When our offshore injury lawyers are approached by those who have suffered from negligence, we fight to help them rebuild their lives. We do this no matter the size of the corporation and no matter how long the company wants to drag things out. Our legal advocates know how to counter the litigation strategies that companies like MacGregor use, and we leverage our insight and resources to our clients’ advantage. We have won more than $20 billion, helping good people recover life-changing compensation for medical care, lost wages, and financial security for their families.

Injured while working for the MacGregor Group? Call (888) 346-5024. Your consultation is free, and if we take your case, you don't pay unless we win.

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