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Murphy Oil traces its roots back to timber and banking businesses established by Charles H. Murphy Sr. around 1905. Its transformation into an energy company began in 1950, when the Murphy family officially formed Murphy Corporation, leveraging their timberland assets in areas where oil had been discovered. 

This transition was not just about buying land. It involved strategic acquisitions and operations to position the company within the oil and gas sector. By 1964, the entity was reorganized as Murphy Oil Corporation, marking its entry into the oil industry with a more focused approach on exploration and production, as well as refining and marketing operations.

Significant milestones in the company's history include its public offering in 1956 and subsequent operations that expanded its footprint beyond the United States. Murphy Oil engaged in international operations, notably in Venezuela and the British North Sea, indicating a global vision early on. The transition from a primarily land-based operation to offshore drilling was marked by innovations and investments in drilling technology and infrastructure​​​.

By 2022, Murphy Oil Corporation had evolved into a multi-billion-dollar entity with a diverse workforce spread across several subsidiaries. With its headquarters now established in Houston, Texas, the company boasts a broad operational footprint. It is engaged in exploration activities in the Gulf of Mexico, along with other international offshore locations including Mexico, Brazil, Vietnam, and the Ivory Coast. Moreover, Murphy Oil is active in drilling for oil and natural gas in the deepwater regions of the Gulf of Mexico. On land, the company continues to explore and produce oil and natural gas across the United States and Canada, demonstrating its extensive reach and operational diversity in the energy sector.

Murphy Oil Corporation Must Put Worker Safety First

At Arnold & Itkin, we've observed a disturbing trend with offshore companies in the United States and worldwide. Companies frequently mention safety as much as they can. They post information about safety in the office, plaster their websites with their dedication to safety, and mention safety in their core values. However, when their practices are held up to scrutiny, it often becomes clear that they do not adequately protect their workers from harm.

Maritime accidents are preventable. When they happen, they are the result of negligence or another form of wrongdoing. When injuries occur, it is due to a lack of safety standards. Some companies expect workers to lift too much, risk their lives, and then take the blame when something goes wrong. The lawyers at Arnold & Itkin are here to ensure that doesn't happen. We fight for workers when their employers fail to maintain the safety standards that they boast about. Our results have won more than $20 billion for our clients, helping them get back on their feet and back to normal.

If you or a loved one have been injured while working offshore, contact our Murphy Oil accident lawyers at (888) 346-5024. Your consultation is free, and you don't pay unless we win your case.

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