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Even a Global Offshore Drilling Contractor Doesn’t Keep Its Workers Safe

This company started as an oil and refinery company in Fort Worth, Texas. Through various acquisitions of drillship and oil companies along with mergers, the company Transocean was developed, becoming the world’s largest offshore drilling contractor. Transocean has a fleet of 28 ultra-deepwater rigs and 9 harsh-environment rigs. From 2001 onwards, the company would keep setting water depths records in drilling, and its last offshore oil and gas well record was set with the Deepwater Horizon in 2009 (they would set the water depth record again though in 2011 at 10,194 feet). It also had the first-ever hybrid energy storage system on a floating unit back in 2019. Transocean has operations in the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, Black Sea, and Mediterranean.

Transocean also operates off the coasts of:

  • Canada
  • Brazil
  • Norway
  • North Africa
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • The Middle East
  • South Asia
  • South-East Asia
  • Australia

With offices across five continents, Transocean employs thousands of people around the world.

The Macondo Blowout & Deepwater Horizon Disaster

Back in 2009, the Deepwater Horizon was hailed for breaking a world record, drilling the deepest well for oil and gas ever recorded, 35,050 feet deep, while operating in the Gulf of Mexico. The Transocean-owned rig would then be contracted by BP to drill at the Macondo site starting in January of 2010, taking over for a rig that had to be disconnected and taken in for repairs during Hurricane Ida.

On April 20, 2010, the Transocean-owned Deepwater Horizon exploded and killed 11 workers. Our lawyers represented nearly one-third of the crew that was working on the rig during the tragic explosion. When the oil companies in charge of the drilling project tried to blame their workers, Arnold & Itkin made sure the crew received enough money to pay for their medical care and provide for their families.

In February of 2013, Transocean pleaded guilty to the federal charge of violating the Clean Water Act because of the resulting oil spill, paying a $400 million fine and an additional $1 billion for civil penalties.

Other Violations & Accidents on Transocean’s Part

While Deepwater Horizon is one of the most notable tragedies in recent offshore accident history, this is far from the only time Transocean has made headlines for the wrong reasons.

  • A 2012 report from Norway’s Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) found that Transocean’s equipment maintenance program was in shambles. Officials reported that the company had incomprehensible systems in place along with processes that had gaps and deficiencies. Transocean was also found to be outright missing certain processes and plans.
  • In 2019, a worker was hospitalized for injuries sustained when he was caught between a rail and 1.5-ton steel adapter because of how a crane was operated. This was while prepping the rig for oncoming severe weather. Transocean later faced multiples charges from industry regulators, blaming the company for failing to make sure the crane was operated according to safety regulations.
  • By 2021, multiple seamen sued Transocean for leaving them to weather out Hurricane Zeta, accusing the company of shoddy decision-making that risked their lives by leaving them in the path of a hurricane.
  • In 2023, communications corporation Tampnet sued Transocean for striking its fiber optic cables during a 2020 hurricane, since Transocean had ordered its drillship to keep operating in the Gulf despite the fact that it was in the path of Hurricane Zeta.

Our Attorneys Can Hold Even the Biggest Oil Drilling Corporations Accountable

At Arnold & Itkin, we’ve already gone against Transocean and other corporations like them with success. With more than $20 billion recovered on behalf of injured offshore workers and bereaved family members, we get results that help people move forward and hold companies responsible. Our mission is secure a measure of justice for our clients and help them to financial recovery, fighting for them like they’re our own family, no matter what.

There’s no fee unless we win your case. Call (888) 346-5024 today to request your free consultation with a Transocean accident lawyer at Arnold & Itkin.

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