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Edison Chouest Offshore (ECO) is a major shipbuilder in the industry and serves a diverse set of maritime needs. The company was founded by Edison Chouest in 1960. Originally the owner of a fleet of shrimp boats, Chouest bought a larger utility boat from the Humble Oil Company to service an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. From there, the company grew exponentially throughout the 1960s and '70s by buying and restoring older vessels. Eventually, ECO built its own shipyards to become a true powerhouse in the shipbuilding sector, with more than 200 vessels in its expanding fleet.

Today, Edison Chouest Offshore's major services fall into four primary sections:

  • Vessels: ECO offers light construction vessels, various supply vessels, oil spill response vessels, and tractor tugs. Notably, the company's vessels are used by a majority of the deepwater operations in the U.S. Gulf region.
  • Shipyards: The company operates five shipyards, two of which, including its first shipyard, are located in Louisiana, with the remaining shipyards found in Florida, Mississippi, and Brazil.
  • Port operations: Operating multiple ports, drydock facilities, and more, ECO serves the deepwater industry in everything from logistics and lube services to dry docking, tank cleaning, and more.
  • Subsea services: ECO offers remotely operated submersible vehicles for use by the offshore industry. These ROVs are used for well drilling, surveying, maintenance, mooring, and other applications.

Edison Chouest Offshore & Worker Safety

As a majority of the company's work is accomplished on ships or in shipyards, the employees of Edison Chouest Offshore face a wide range of dangers. Working offshore and around heavy equipment can be hazardous, but these risks should be minimized or eliminated altogether through adherence to safety protocols. Companies like ECO must develop and implement safety procedures, including training, supervision, and maintenance schedules, to ensure vessels are seaworthy, machinery is operational, and workplaces are free from hazards. There are no excuses.

Edison Chouest Offshore's Accident History

Offshore injuries may happen, but that doesn't mean they should be accepted as the normal course of operations. Most of these accidents are preventable through proper safety procedures, and in our experience, companies will know about a hazard before it causes an injury. As a result, injuries from accidents are directly related to a company's failure to create or follow effective safety policies.

The following indicate safety lapses and violations involving Edison Chouest Offshore:

  • In 2010, an employee filed a lawsuit against Edison Chouest Offshore, claiming that he was injured while lifting heavy buckets that should have been moved with mechanical assistance.
  • In 2011, a worker lost his hand while working on an ECO vessel. Our team at Arnold & Itkin was proud to represent this man as he sought to hold the company accountable for negligence.
  • In 2011, two workers, one of whom was a captain, were kidnapped while working off the coast of Africa and held captive in harrowing, life-threatening conditions for 18 days before being returned after a ransom was paid. The captain accused ECO of negligence, directly exposing him and the crew to these dangers. The captain had relayed detailed death threats he received on the radio to the company, which assured him they had resolved the matter, and ordered him to proceed through dangerous waters, overruling the captain's protests. Not only did ECO broadcast the route they were going to take on open radio, but they also failed to provide a secure room on the vessel. The captain sued the company for compensatory and punitive damages.
  • In 2017, the Chief Engineer on a company supply vessel filed a lawsuit because he suffered shoulder injuries while working alone on an ECO vessel, which is a violation of federal regulations.

Do You Have a Case Against Edison Chouest Offshore?

Arnold & Itkin understands that large offshore companies face challenges when it comes to mitigating hazards for their workers. However, this does not excuse entities like Edison Chouest Offshore when their negligence causes injuries. Offshore companies must create a safe environment for workers, no matter how challenging it may be. The offshore injury lawyers at Arnold & Itkin are ready to help you begin your recovery after an ECO accident. If you've been injured, we have the resources and experience to fight for the best possible results for you and your family.

Call Arnold & Itkin today for a free consultation at (888) 346-5024. We can determine how our Edison Chouest Offshore accident lawyers can help you.

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