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Arnold & Itkin is a personal injury law firm serving those who have been injured while performing their job duties in a maritime work environment. Since we serve hundreds of clients in Texas, we understand that many offshore workers find their employment at companies who deal frequently with the Port of Brownsville. This particular port is a deep-water port linked to the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, only eight miles away from the Mexican border. This port is vital for transporting cargo to and from Mexico. It was founded in 1936 and now has more than 230 companies operating there, with a myriad of industrial operations occurring simultaneously at any given time.

This is a large facility that not only hosts large ships, but also has facilities made for construction and repair of ships. Many drilling rigs are actually manufactured here as well as other vessels. There is space for bulk storage (since many of the vessels here are cargo vessels) as well as a waste oil recovery operation. With all of this industry, the port says they still have room to grow. They are welcome to any business that will cater to the growth of industry at the Port of Brownsville. This port is also considered a foreign trade zone because of its proximity to the Mexican border. This is a place where merchandise, both foreign and domestic, can go through the customs process.

Brownsville, Texas

This is the town that the port is actually located in, and it lies right on the bank of the Rio Grande. The town is large, with a 175,000+ population. It is even larger when considered with its larger statistical area, which is the 4th largest on the US-Mexico border. Historically, Brownsville has served as the location for many Texan wars and battles, such as the Mexican-American War and the American Civil War. What is interesting about this town is that is that it is not only the southernmost town in all of Texas, it is one of the southernmost towns in the entire United States, coming in behind some Hawaiian islands and small Florida counties. Without the Port of Brownsville, the city's economy would not be what it is today. It is such a vital link for commerce between the United States and Mexico that the economy probably could not function effectively without it.

Injured? Contact a Port of Brownsville Maritime Lawyer

Arnold & Itkin is proud to serve those maritime workers who have become injured while working at the Port of Brownsville. In any industrial setting, workers face dangers to their left and their right on a minute-by-minute basis. The dangerous nature of the workplace begs the need for a skilled maritime attorney who is willing to fight for their rights in the event of an injury. Injuries happen almost on a daily basis in Texas offshore occupations, but this is not an excuse. Most offshore injuries can be avoided if proper safety precautions are taken.

Often these safety precautions are the responsibility of someone other than the person who was injured, which means that the injured victim has the right to seek a personal injury claim against the responsible party. There are some cases in which employees believe that they are not entitled to a claim because of an agreement they made with their employer. The truth is, if you were wrongfully injured, we will fight with all of our resources to find a way to get you compensated. For more information on how a Texas offshore injury attorney from our firm can be of help to you after an accident, call us today.

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