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Port Freeport is arguably one of the most accessible ports in the Gulf Coast area. With a channel that is 400 feet wide and 45 feet deep, it is ideal for large ships. 

Port Freeport, despite its already extensive property holdings, boasts an additional 7,500 acres of available land, presenting a prime opportunity for businesses looking to establish industrial operations. Its strategic location offers immediate access to key waterways, highways, and railways, solidifying its status as a vital transportation hub. The port actively invites businesses to consider it as a base, demonstrating a commitment to supporting both the broader economic landscape and the specific needs of individual companies in Brazoria County and across Texas.

The port also acts as a foreign trade zone, much like the Port of Brownsville, because of its access to Mexico. Port Freeport is distinguished by its commitment to environmental safety and policy. Although industrial operations can be extremely harmful to the environment, this port takes extra measures to ensure that the environment and the people residing in that area are not harmed by operations. The commissioners for Freeport have taken it upon themselves to make this not only a place of industry but an organization that promotes community.

Low Numbers of Insurance Claims at Port Freeport

The number of insurance claims filed in relation to incidents at Port Freeport is well below the average for Texas ports. This is encouraging, as maritime occupations are notoriously hazardous, but it does not mean that injuries are nonexistent. The many people who work at Port Freeport or on any of the vessels passing through may be at risk of suffering catastrophic harm or even losing their lives when safety standards are not followed to the letter.

Port Freeport is dedicated to creating job opportunities for those who live in Freeport and the surrounding communities, but when companies operating at this port fail to put safety first, they can be held accountable. Arnold & Itkin represents seamen, offshore workers, harbor workers, longshoremen, and all others in the maritime industry who have been injured on the job. We recommend reaching out to our team immediately if you've been harmed.

About Freeport, Texas

Port Freeport is located in Freeport, in Brazoria County in Southeast Texas. This particular city runs on the Port of Freeport. Without it, the economy would not be as stable as it is today. Chemical plants are also associated with the port and this city, as it is the home of the large firm Dow Chemical Company. Of the 13 square miles of the city, 10% of it is water. Although the industry that sustains Freeport revolves around the chemical and port industries, tourism is also a significant contributor to the health of the local economy.

Freeport is close to beaches such as Surfside Beach and Quintana Beach. Greater Brazoria County has a rich Texas history, as it contains the town that was once the capital of the Republic of Texas. Most Texans are fully aware that their beloved state used to be its own sovereign nation from the years 1836 to 1846, with Velasco as its capital. The county is named for the nearby Brazos River; in addition, it is the home of former presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Learn How Our Port Freeport Maritime Lawyers Can Help

Should you sustain an injury while working at Port Freeport, our firm's Texas maritime attorneys are here to assist you. Despite the port's dedication to safety and excellence, accidents can occur. The port authority's ability to guarantee safety to its tenants has limitations, especially given that these tenants comprise a range of companies, each adhering to their own set of standards. Whether your injury occurs offshore or at an industrial site within Port Freeport, our experienced team is prepared to offer you the support and legal guidance you need.

We have skilled Port Freeport maritime attorneys who can evaluate your case and determine if your injuries were caused by negligence. You may have been injured by toxic exposure, equipment failure, or any number of other incidences. No two offshore accidents are the same, which is why we are prepared to handle any one of them. The truth is that you are entitled to seek legal help, and attorneys at our firm are willing to provide it. We want to speak with you if you have been wrongfully injured while performing your duties, so get in touch with us today.

At Arnold & Itkin, we care about the rights of injured offshore workers. To learn more, contact a Port Freeport maritime attorney at (888) 346-5024.

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