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Calhoun Port Authority

What is the Calhoun Port Authority?

The name of this particular port may cause some confusion, but it is indeed a Texas port just like all the others. It was formerly known as the Port of Port Lavaca-Point Comfort and is located in Point Comfort, Texas. This particular port is important to the chemical manufacturing industries who have found their home here. Without Calhoun Port Authority, Calhoun County would be drastically different. This port sustains the economy, providing many offshore workers with employment. Arnold & Itkin does not take lightly the duties that offshore workers have to perform.

Our firm has dealt with many Texans in the maritime industry, some of which work at or frequent Calhoun Port Authority. This is why we have made it our goal to help workers who have been injured while working at this particular port. The strategic position of this port includes immediate access to both the Matagorda Ship Channel and the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway. As stated earlier, this port is extremely important to the chemical industry, which is why it has primary cargoes of petrochemicals/chemicals, aluminum ore, and fertilizer.

These imports and exports don't just benefit the Texas economy or even just the United States economy, but are sold to markets around the world. Each Texas port has unique facilities to cater to the types of vessels and industries they have. Calhoun Port Authority has three liquid cargo ship docks, which means that cargo vessels will have a shorter wait when wanting to load and unload their cargo. There is also a ship terminal that comes equipped with all necessary handling tools for safety and efficiency. Like many other ports, this one also has adjacent railways—the Point Comfort and Northern Railways—that link with the Union Pacific main railway.

Point Comfort in Calhoun County, Texas

Calhoun Port Authority is located in the small city of Point Comfort, Texas which is a part of Calhoun County, named after the seventh Vice President of the United States, John Caldwell Calhoun. The county itself is also relatively small, numbering just above 21,000 residents. Arnold & Itkin, as an offshore injury law firm, knows that many of those people who live in the Point Comfort and Calhoun County areas find their employment in the maritime industry. This industry makes up a large bulk of the economy in the area, supplying jobs to hundreds of workers.

Injury Attorneys at Arnold & Itkin—Here to Protect Maritime Workers

Our maritime injury attorneys are proud to represent Point Comfort workers who were injured while working at Calhoun Port Authority. We can help you if your injuries were caused by negligence. Negligence of another means that you were injured by someone else's mistake. If this describes your circumstance, then get in touch with our firm immediately. Accidents that cause injury are never excusable, and the responsible party should be held accountable. We understand that no two accidents are alike. You may have been injured by toxic exposure, in a harbor accident, or a deck accident. Whatever the particulars of your case, you should seek the advice of a legal professional at our firm so that you can be advised of your rights.

To learn how Arnold & Itkin can fight for your specific rights, contact an injury attorney from our firm today.

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