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The Port of Palacios is integral to the fishing industry. Matagorda County Navigation District No. 1, where the port is located, is a specialized district that was formed in 1940 to promote the industry of fishing and to maintain the environment of the navigable waterway. This port is located in Palacios, Texas. Maritime workers in this region are primarily commercial fishermen or work on shrimping boats. Fish and shrimp drive the economy in this region.

The port is primarily a fishing port rather than a port used for importing and exporting, although some fish products are packaged and exported by truck from this area. Commercial fishermen have an incredibly tough job to do—in fact, it is ranked as one of the most dangerous occupations in the entire United States. This is because the job is physically demanding. Whether you work on a commercial fishing vessel as a deck hand, an engineer, or even a chef, if you are injured while working then you can get help from an attorney from our firm.

Palacios, Texas

Located in Matagorda County in Southern Texas, Palacios is a town that is heavily vested in the fishing and maritime industry. Located on the Gulf Coast, it is also a popular tourist destination. To put this town in perspective, it is about halfway between the Texas cities of Houston and Corpus Christi. About four percent of this town's 5.3 square miles is made up of water. Many of those who live in Palacios find their occupation in the maritime industry. Fishermen and shrimp boat workers have a difficult job to do, which is exactly why Arnold & Itkin provides legal services to workers in this area. Our firm is passionate about the rights of injured offshore workers and would like to help you if you have been injured while working offshore.

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In the event that you are injured while performing your duties, seek the help of an offshore injury attorney from our firm as soon as you are able. Arnold & Itkin has years of experience in helping maritime clients obtain the justice that they deserve, recovering billions of dollars. This is because our firm has a strong grasp on maritime law, able to advocate on your behalf whether you are a seaman, a harbor worker, or some other type of maritime worker. Even if you are unsure whether or not you are entitled to a claim, call our firm so that we can determine your options at no cost to you. For more information on how you might deserve compensation, contact a Port of Palacios maritime attorney from Arnold & Itkin today!

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