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Port Mansfield

The Demographics of the Area

Port Mansfield is a census-designated place with a population of about 400 people. The port in this town also goes by the same name and is a key location for sport and commercial fishermen alike. This particular port is operated by the Willacy County Navigation District with the goal of increasing industry by creating more port jobs.

There are also international trade opportunities with Port Mansfield as well because of its proximity to Mexico. These opportunities include trading with Mexico, agricultural products, and container businesses. While this port seems to be primarily focused on relaxation and hobby, there is still the possibility of becoming injured while working at or near this port. In the event that you are hurt working, contact Arnold & Itkin.

The City of Port Mansfield

Many who reside in Port Mansfield do so because they are heavily interested in fishing. Port Mansfield leases to both commercial businesses and private residents. Operating a business in this area must be approved by the Board of Navigation and Canal Commissioners. Port Mansfield belongs to Willacy County, Texas, which has a significantly greater population of around 22,000. The city is composed of 784 square miles, 24% of which is water.

Major highways that run through the area are the U.S. Highway 77 and the State Highway 186. These are both integral to transportation of goods throughout Texas. If you reside in Port Mansfield or Willacy County, it is likely that you or someone you know is involved in the maritime industry in some way, whether as a worker on an offshore vessel, an industrial worker at the port, or even as a novice fisherman. If you have been injured while working here in the maritime industry, you should utilize the services of an offshore injury attorney at Arnold & Itkin.

Dockworkers and Maritime Employees Are Protected by Law

Arnold & Itkin is an offshore injury firm. We take on the cases of maritime workers in a number of different occupations who were injured while performing their job duties. Our aim is to defend the rights of offshore workers, which means that if someone else caused you harm, either directly or indirectly, we hold them responsible.

Maritime workers are entitled to certain rights under Admiralty law, and if you are not fully aware of those rights, consider having an attorney from our firm explain them to you. Our sole goal is to achieve justice on behalf of all wrongfully injured maritime workers. We fight with all of our resources and experience for each of our clients.

Contact a skilled maritime lawyer from our firm today. Arnold & Itkin works so you can move forward.

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