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Preparing To Win

You focus on getting better while we focus on winning.

At our firm, we believe that we should focus on efforts on assessing the situation, finding out all of the relevant facts, and preparing the cases so that our clients can focus entirely on getting better.

Attorney Arnold on Meeting His Clients for the First Time

By the time a client finds me, usually they're in a bad spot, so about the first thing I want to do is kind of assess the situation. What are their immediate needs that we can help with? Whether it be medical, financial, or helping them get to see the right doctors, we help them stabilize in their lives.

At that point, while they’re worrying about getting better, my job is to focus on getting the facts, to find out what happened—the truth, not necessarily just what the company is telling them. I track down all the different players, the different defendants, the different witnesses, and start to put together the case. I put together the case on why it is that the company caused this accident—it’s not my clients fault. And ultimately, it kind of runs parallel pass. While they are getting better and getting the treatment they need because we helped them get that, we are then pushing the case so that we go ahead and file the case and get a trial date because we want put them in the best position as soon as possible. You only do that by getting the case worked up appropriately for trial, otherwise the company’s not going to take responsibility voluntarily.

Committed to Our Clients’ Success

We get every case ready, from the moment it walks in the door until the very end of the case. We are always thinking about what we need to do to win this case, what it is going to be like at the trial. We start developing the evidence for trial immediately. That’s different from most firms. Most firms don’t try as many lawsuits as we do in a year—in fact most firms don’t try lawsuits at all.

Every case should be worked up as if it is going to go to trial because you never know which ones will go. There are cases all the time that should settle that don’t for whatever reason. We at our firm prepare every case as if it is going to go to trial. We make sure that we have all the experts and tracked down all the witnesses and we’ve done all the things to put in you the best position. Contrast that to other firms where they are just hoping it will settle—or they don’t do all the things necessary for the trial, so if the trial comes up, there not ready. When there not ready, that compromises your ability to do anything. The other side knows that. They deal with cases all the time. Most of the time its big insurance companies or big oil companies—and there not dumb. If you have a lawyer that cannot try the case, they are not going to offer you whatever it is that you need or that you want because they know that they don’t have to.

That’s why we think that we’ve been able to achieve such great results for our clients. We think that our approach of getting every case ready for trial—even if it may settle—makes a huge difference for our clients and makes us different from other law firms.

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