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How to Choose the Right Attorney

Work with a lawyer who truly understands maritime law.

Because maritime law is so complex and so complicated, it is crucial that you work with an attorney who has an in-depth understanding of how it works and who has proven themselves in similar cases before.

It’s important that when you’re considering who to hire to make sure they actually know what they’re doing. Most lawyers do not practice law that involves maritime or offshore cases, and that’s important. We know maritime law. The laws that apply to workers who work offshore are different from the laws that apply on land. There are a lot of pitfalls, traps, and otherwise confusing issues that most lawyers just don’t know about and don’t have the day-to-day practical experience dealing with.

When you’re working offshore, most of these companies are large energy or boat companies. They have a lot of resources. 99% of lawyers can’t match the same resources—they can’t help their clients when they need help; they can’t get them medical care when the company denies it. We do that at our firm. We put our resources into our cases because we know maritime law. In fact, we’ve probably handled more maritime cases in the past 10 years than maybe any firm in the country. We have the expertise. Not only do we know maritime law, but we actually try maritime cases. We’ve tried dozens of maritime cases in the past few years and gotten great results.

Most lawyers don’t try cases. If they do, they try maybe a case a year. We have tried a lot of cases.

Our firm has over 25 verdicts of more than a million dollars in the last 9 years and more than 100 settlements of more than a million dollars in the last 9 years.

When you hire us, you have that track record of success behind you. You’ve got lawyers who know how to maximize client recoveries, who know how to litigate against these big companies, and who know that if they don’t offer you enough money to settle the case, we’ll try the case. And we’ll win the case.

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