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Suit Filed on Behalf of Arkansas Seaman

One of the most important things for an injured worker to do is refrain from working before they're fully healed. Doing so not only ensures that they’ll be able to work at full capacity--it ensures that they’ll heal correctly and prevent further injury. Policies are often put in place to protect workers from employers who force them to return to work before they’re ready.

Arnold & Itkin’s most recent case is for a seaman from Arkansas who injured himself while walking down an unsafe set of stairs on his vessel. He was severely injured from the incident—but the situation was made worse by his employer, who insisted on rushing him back to work before healing up. Once he knew he was being mistreated, he called us for help.

Our firm believes our client deserves compensation for both his initial injuries and the losses he suffered from being sent back to work too early. We filed a Jones Act on his behalf to fight for every penny of medical care, lost wages, and other losses that he deserves. We look forward to ensuring that he heals properly without fear or pressure. 

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