Ports Along the Mississippi River

The Mississippi River is one of the largest rivers in the world and home to many diverse habitats. The river stretches approximately 3,710 miles over North America and is only smaller than the Yangtze River (3,964 miles), the Amazon River (4,000 miles), and the Nile River (4,160 miles). Such an enormous natural resource is utilized by 41 ports and harbors stretching from Minnesota through Mississippi. Major companies own these ports and employ thousands of workers to handle the many imports and exports that pass through.

Common Imports & Exports

Mississippi ports see millions of tons of goods shipped through their waters every year. Some of these imports and exports include steel, paper, wood, coffee, coal, petroleum, rubber, and chemicals. The nature of the imports and exports, combined with the heavy equipment used to lift and transport the merchandise can make for a dangerous working environment.

Mississippi State Ports

There are 17 seaports and river ports in the state of Mississippi alone. Their commercial goods range from shrimp and fish to fertilizer and coal. Though the seaports and river ports provide much of Mississippi’s economy, they also pose dangers to those who work there. The maritime trade can be a hazardous occupation and require the legal help of a skilled lawyer to obtain compensation for any illnesses or injuries accrued on the job. At Arnold & Itkin, we understand the dangers of maritime industry and the complexities surrounding injuries on the job.

We serve all seaports and river ports in the state of Mississippi, including the following:

Injured at a Mississippi Port? We Can Help!

Every accident is different and the laws involved in obtaining compensation vary from state to state, employer to employer, and occupation to occupation. It can be difficult to know what your rights are, much less how to fight for them. Look to Arnold & Itkin for sound legal advice from a qualified Mississippi maritime attorney who can walk you through different legal provisions made for offshore workers, such as the Jones Act or the Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act.

Common injuries that take place at ports include:

  • Slips and falls
  • Equipment failure
  • Lifting accidents
  • Vessel collisions

We are experienced in dealing with large companies and their teams of lawyers to obtain just compensation for clients.

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Don’t wait if you or your loved one has been involved in an accident while working at a Mississippi port. Injuries in this field of work are serious and the dangers are only intensified when insufficient training, negligence, or faulty equipment are present. Our Mississippi maritime lawyers have won cases for injured maritime workers all over the nation and across the globe! You can trust them to aggressively pursue your rights and tailor the case to your specific circumstances and needs.

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