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You've Become a "Claim"

Following an accident, offshore companies may treat you like a “claim.”

Listen as Attorneys Kurt Arnold and Jason Itkin discuss what you can expect to happen after being injured and how the offshore companies may begin to treat you. With us, you’re never just a claim or a number.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve sat down at a kitchen table in a potential client’s home and they’ve told me “Kurt, I’ve worked for the company 20 or 25 years. My boss called me, the OIM called me, or the shore side supervisor called me, and he said ‘we’re going to take care of you.’” They might mean it. It doesn’t matter. At that point in time, the company is not even responsible. It’s changed to the insurance company that they have.

We’ve seen it case after case, time after time, client after client: the companies don’t do the right thing.

The guys you work with, whether it’s out on a boat or out on a rig, they’re great guys. They would probably do anything for you. But they’re not the ones who make the decisions. The people who make the decisions are people who are working in offices—might be in New York, might be in London. They are making decisions based on dollars and cents.

We want to help and that’s one way we can help. We’ve been fortunate enough to have the resources to help clients all across the country. Because it’s not right what’s happened to you. You didn’t ask for this. We’re going to make it as right as we can.

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