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Will You Get In Trouble?

Don’t believe the rumor. You won’t get blacklisted.

Too many times, we hear people who are concerned about getting blacklisted after filing a claim—people who are concerned that they will never get hired in the industry again. Don’t believe this rumor spread by the large offshore companies. In our years of practice, we have never seen this happen.

Can I Be Blackballed If I File A Lawsuit?

One of the big lies that companies tell is that they keep some sort of list of everybody and anybody who’s ever filed a lawsuit and that they circulate that list to all the other companies so that if you get hurt you’ll never be able to get a job again if you file a lawsuit. It’s simply not true. That’s a rumor that has been spread around by the companies to try to save them money.

Kurt Arnold Shares His Experience

Sometimes I hear people say, “I’m worried I’ll get blackballed from working offshore” or “I’ll get blackballed from (whatever industry they’re in) if I talk to a lawyer.” That’s just not true; I’ve never seen it. I’ve been doing this for more than 10 years and I’ve never seen it happen. I’ve had clients who have had claims, rightful claims, where they’ve been injured and after receiving the best medical care, they go back to work in the same industry.

Workers Have Rights

The reality is that if you’ve been hurt, you have certain rights. if you don’t protect those rights, if you don’t do the things to make sure that your medical bills are taken care of, that your lost wages are taken care of, then not only are you letting the company take advantage of you and your family, but you’re also telling them it’s okay to do the same for the next guy that gets hurt. It’s important for workers who have been hurt to report the accident and if they need to get a lawyer involved, and most of the times they do, to contact us.

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