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Attorney Kurt Arnold discusses what commonly happens to offshore workers after they have been seriously injured. He also explains how important it is that you receive the best medical care, and how we can help!

Attorney Kurt Arnold Discusses Good Medical Care

When you’re injured you’re usually shuffled off to a company doctor who says one thing: that you need to get back to work, that we don’t need to do any more tests, that we don’t need to do those MRIs, and that we don’t need to do any of those things. That’s not right! When you get hurt it’s not through any fault of your own. You didn’t ask to be there. You ought to be able to see the doctor of your choice. The law says you can. We ensure that if the company is not going to pay for it that we can otherwise get you to the doctor of your choosing. If you don’t know a doctor in that specialty, because maybe in your town they don’t have a neurologist to help you with the problems that you’re having or a neuropsychologist or a specialist of any sort, we can help.

Arnold & Itkin Can Help You Find Quality Medical Care

Fortunately we are in Houston and we have the very best medical care in the country. First, if you have a particular doctor you want to see, then we’re going to make sure that you get to see your own doctor. In the extent that you can’t, then we’re going to look at all the different specialists that they have in Houston or Louisiana or otherwise to try to ensure that you get the best medical care. The law allows it. The law says you have that right. Why are you going to just accept whatever it is that the company says and what these company doctors say? The difference in care is great. Because one doctor – who is a company doctor – his incentive is to keep getting those initial visits and those things from the company. Many of these company doctors might have seen hundreds and thousands of patients from a particular company. And guess what? They have a consistent record of saying, “Oh there’s nothing wrong” and, “We don’t need to do those additional tests, let’s just shuffle them back.” Or you have somebody who’s actually a doctor who has your best interest in mind and is going to make sure that you get the right tests and that they check everything – that’s what you want. There’s a standard care practice and you want a doctor who cares about the patient and not about the company.

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