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Brain Injuries Caused by Explosions

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For those that have a profession as an offshore worker, while the job can be rewarding there are also daily obstacles that are faced. This occupation is notorious for having a high risk of accidents that occur. When they do, workers are not covered in the same way others are and maritime law differs from the typical workers' compensation cases.

It is important in an injury case to initially speak with an offshore injury lawyer that can review the situation and determine the best way to proceed forward. Even a small mistake can set back a case so you want to make sure you are represented by a qualified professional. Our office has represented oil rig explosion victims, including those that were involved in the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster. One of our greatest contributions in these cases is that we know what to expect and we have a record of successfully handling them in the past.

How They Are Caused

A brain injury can be the result of a number of unfortunate incidents. Especially for those who work in a job that involves more labor, it is easy to fall or be hit. It can be a blow to the head, something penetrating through the skull, severe rotation, a blast, or bleeding that occurs within the brain.

The most common causes include:

  • Falling
  • Traffic accidents
  • Being struck by an object
  • Facing physical assault

Falls account for more than 35 percent of all cases, making it the most prevalent reason.

Mild & Severe Brain Injuries

Brain injuries vary in seriousness, from a mild traumatic brain injury to a severe TBI. A mild form may lead to a concussion which may require medical attention being sought. To recognize if a concussion has been suffered, there are a few signs to look for. This includes trouble remembering or thinking clearly, blurry vision, headaches, sensitivity to light and noise, nausea, irregular sleep patterns, and trouble focusing. In a more serious case, it can be evidenced by other factors. A TBI may be closed or penetrating. In a closed one, the brain has been moved within the skull, as can be seen in a fall or when the head is hit hard. In a penetrating TBI, something has entered the brain.

It may end up being fatal, or can lead to effects that may never be fully repairable. Sensation can be altered and a person can have noticeable changes in their perception, vision, touch, and hearing. Motor functioning can also be changed and many victims lose control over a number of functions. Loss of memory can be suffered and sometime this is recovered and sometimes a person may never regain their full or any of their memory. The brain controls all areas of the body, through the nerves that extend throughout, so any harm that comes to it can be more than just a localized problem. Emotions can also be altered and many victims can have a change of personality, experience depression, or become anxious. The effects may heal over time, while some may require surgery.

Offshore Injury Attorney for Victims and Families

As an offshore worker, you may have taken a fall or been struck in the head by a heavy object. A brain injury can leave you dealing with medical expenses or hindered in your ability to work. At Arnold & Itkin LLP, our track record is clear evidence of the success we have gained in and out of the court room.

Call our office today to learn about the ways we may be able to make a recovery for you.

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What is it Like To Work With Arnold & Itkin

Arnold & Itkin represented nearly a third of the crewmembers injured in the Deepwater Horizon explosion.

I encountered professionalism, understanding, compassion… lot of compassion. They really felt for what me and my wife were going through.
~ Deepwater Horizon Crew Member

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Because maritime law is so complex and so complicated, it is crucial that you work with an attorney who has an in-depth understanding of how it works and who has proven themselves in similar cases before.

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