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A Look into Life upon an Offshore Drilling Rig

Living and working on an island with two weeks off every month sounds like the dream. For offshore workers, it’s their life—and while it has its upsides, it's certainly not always a "dream." While the schedule sounds lightweight, it is purposefully designed to provide a built-in balance to the long, arduous hours and close quarters aboard the rig. Cities in their own right, offshore rigs have a ...
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Recently, attorneys at Arnold & Itkin LLP chose to file suit for an offshore worker who was injured while on the job. The worker was doing his daily duties when a faulty winch unwound. The worker was in a basket in the process of a transfer, but the unwound winch caused the individual to fall. When he fell to the ground in the basket, it suffered serious injuries. The accident could have been ...
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Fall Protection at Marine Terminals

Marine terminals can be very dangerous, and there are many fall hazards at these locations. In many terminals, personnel platforms are attached to the container spreaders of container handling gantry cranes. With these cranes, workers are able to transport workers, tools, and equipment from container ships efficiently. While this method is practical, it is not always the safest. Workers can easily ...
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Several representatives of the maritime industry proposed legislation to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) on June 20 that would require ports and ships to weigh loaded containers before shipping them out. Current regulations under the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Seas (SOLAS) dictate that the shipper who loads goods into a container must provide an accurate ...
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