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In 2017, the Jones Act received criticism for how it affected the people of Puerto Rico. After the island was devastated by Hurricane Maria, the people of Puerto Rico had no power, no infrastructure, destroyed homes, and ruined agriculture. Critics of the Jones Act pointed out that the Jones Act wasn’t being helpful for recovery efforts for Puerto Rico. Specifically, they said that the law made it ...
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The tugboat accident lawyers at Arnold & Itkin filed a lawsuit against Ascend Performance and IntraTug as a result of serious back injuries sustained to their client. While working as a lead deckman for IntraTug, he was instructed to perform unsafe work by his captain. While performing this work, he had to use a dock that was owned and maintained by Ascend Performance. Upon stepping on the dock, ...
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There’s a lot to worry about if you’re an offshore worker during the COVID-19 pandemic. As if falling oil prices weren’t enough stress for offshore oil rig workers, they now must face the COVID-19 pandemic on vessels where space is rare. Close quarters, long work hours, and being far from medical care are just a few of the challenges that make a virus outbreak on an offshore oil rig worrisome. ...
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In early February, the dangers of a COVID-19 outbreak onboard cruise ships were made abundantly clear when authorities quarantined Carnival’s Diamond Princess at a dock in Yokohama, Japan. All 3,711 people aboard the ship were stuck in Tokyo Bay for 27 days. By mid-March, 712 passengers had tested positive for coronavirus. By mid-April, fourteen of those on board had died from the virus. The ship ...
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