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Common Sources of Shipyard Injuries

While maritime jobs such as offshore drilling have a reputation for being dangerous, many overlook the dangers associated with shipyard work. Shipyard workers weld, plumb, machine, use rigging, and work with a variety of chemicals. These facts make shipyard work one of the most dangerous professions in the maritime industry. Understanding the common shipyard dangers can help companies protect their workers.


Shipyard work can be demanding because of its physical demands combined with long hours. Shipyard workers might work irregular hours to meet the demands of their job. So, they might often find themselves exhausted because of their schedules. Employers must provide their workers with adequate breaks and ensure they have the tools needed to do a job safely.

Confined Spaces

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, confined spaces are one of the most dangerous aspects of shipyard work. Confined spaces can expose workers to an unsafe amount of chemicals and dangerous substances. They can also provide an environment that’s lacking a safe amount of oxygen. Additionally, confined spaces create high-pressure hazards, such as a ruptured eardrum.

Slip and fall accidents are a common danger for many physical jobs. However, they are extra dangerous because of the setting shipyard workers find themselves in. A simple slip and fall accident might turn deadly if work is being done at significant heights in a shipyard. Employers must properly train their employees and provide them with the equipment required to prevent slip and fall accidents from occurring.

Chronic Illness Caused by Respiratory Hazards

As mentioned above, shipyard workers are exposed to a variety of chemicals and substances. In some instances, these hazards can cause long-term chronic illnesses. Fumes, smoke, and asbestos are common sources of chronic illness for shipyard workers. In fact, the CDC reports that cancer is more common with shipyard workers because of respiratory hazards. 

Inadequate Safety Procedures

Companies have a responsibility to provide their employees with the training and safety equipment required to protect them on the job. Many shipyard workers are not aware of the laws that protect them and should contact an attorney if they’ve suffered from an injury while working. Since shipyard injuries are preventable, employer negligence is the source of most accidents.

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