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Case Filed for Offshore Worker Suffering from Benzene Exposure

Arnold & Itkin is currently fighting for the compensation of a maritime worker who spent years working on barges and transferring products. Our client wasn't aware that he was receiving dangerous amounts of exposure to benzene while working. Now, he has leukemia caused by toxic exposure to benzene.

Studies have found that leukemia is common among workers exposed to high levels of benzene and the World Health Organization classifies benzene as a “carcinogenic to humans.” With so much research linking benzene to leukemia, employers have the responsibility to warn their employees of the presence of benzene at their workplace. Then, they must protect them from this hazardous material by providing adequate protection.

Arnold & Itkin’s offshore injury lawyers have a history of fighting for justice on behalf of injured workers. We never accept less than our clients deserve, and we’ll fight for the compensation this man needs for his medical bills. We filed this case in Harris County, Texas.

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