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Case Filed for Injured Fisherman

Arnold & Itkin LLP Attorneys Kyle Findley, Kala Sellers, and Adam Lewis recently filed a case on behalf of a Jones Act seaman who suffered serious injuries while working as a commercial fisherman. The man was working as a fisherman in the Gulf of Mexico when he was struck in the head by a heavy piece of metal. He sustained injuries to his neck, back, head, and brain because of this accident. Our lawyers filed the lawsuit against the large fishing company which employed our client.

The fisherman is suffering from injuries because of two factors. First, the vessel he was working on was operated by negligent crewmates. Second, the vessel was unseaworthy and should not have been in operation. Fishing companies are responsible for training their crew and ensuring that their vessels are safe for operation. When companies fail to do these things, they are responsible for the accidents which occur because of their negligent decisions.

Arnold & Itkin’s commercial fishing accident attorneys have extensive experience in maritime law and will fight to hold this negligent company accountable for their failures. Our lawyers filed this case in Cameron Parish, Louisiana.

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