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Cases Filed for Victims of Port Richey Boat Accident

Arnold & Itkin recently filed claims on behalf of three individuals seriously injured on a casino shuttle boat that burst into flames near Port Richey, Florida. Our clients were forced to jump overboard to escape the fire, crawling about 100 yards through frigid waters. For at least two of our clients, these injuries will require long-term care and treatment.

The local police stated that the boat experienced engine trouble shortly after departing, and turned back when the engine problems ignited a fire. Fifty people were onboard at the time—thirty-six passengers and fourteen crew members.

Brazenly (but not surprisingly), the defendants—who have a demonstrated track record of turning a blind eye to their passengers’ safety—have preemptively sued to limit their liability to pennies on the dollar for the devastation they caused.

Arnold & Itkin has defeated such attempts in the past, and we look forward to fighting for justice for our clients and holding the defendants accountable for their recklessness.

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