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Panel of Judges Reinstates Our Client's $1.7 Million Award

After Years of Fighting, Injured Worker Sees Hope

Our firm celebrates with an offshore worker who received justice as a result of an appeal. Earlier this week, a Texas appellate panel reinstated our client's $1,700,000 award against his employer. Our client was stripped of his rightful compensation when a lower court wrongfully categorized him as a "borrowed worker," barring his claims.

In a 2-1 ruling, the appellate panel ruled that it was the jury's duty to determine if our client was, in fact, a "borrowed worker." The jury emphatically decided the answer was "No." The award they gave our client was thus reinstated, allowing him the opportunity to recover from the injury he suffered while aboard a W&T Offshore platform many years ago.

"When there is a fair trial, there is nothing better than a jury of one's peers for rendering justice," said Attorney Caj Boatright. "After years of hard-fought litigation, we're very pleased that the court of appeals...ruled that this trial was fair and that the jury's decision stands."

Injured from a Pressurized Pipe

Years ago, our client was working on the W&T Offshore platform doing maintenance work. While he was disconnecting a regulator, a one-inch pipe "separated under high pressure" and knocked him off his feet. He was left with severe fractures that left him unable to do his job.

The jury found that W&T Offshore was responsible for the injury, but the company threw into doubt that they were even responsible. They instead relied on a law that freed them from liability based on a technicality involving who was gave our client tools and who gave him orders. The jury saw through that maneuver and now their decision is affirmed.

This decision is a good one for our client and for injured offshore workers throughout the Gulf.

Read the original report here.

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