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Suit Filed for Seaman Who Suffered Severe Neck Injuries

One of the most important things that you can provide an injured person is immediate medical attention. That’s why working offshore is more dangerous than other jobs on a fundamental level—hospitals are hours away, making quick response even more necessary. Unfortunately, our client was denied fast medical care due to circumstances that were completely avoidable.

Our client was working on a vessel owned, operated, and controlled by Alpine Ocean Seismic Survey, Inc. and Gardline Surveys, Inc. While serving his stint on the ship, he suffered a severe neck injury that called for surgical intervention. We believe the injury was ultimately caused by poor safety procedures—either poor because they weren’t implemented or weren’t followed. In either case, the ship’s owners and operators are responsible for the safety of the crew.

Neck injuries would normally be enough to warrant a Jones Act claim, but there’s more: when our client reported his injury, the first Captain was intoxicated—causing our client’s treatment to be delayed.

This case compel us to hold both companies responsible for the injury itself and the Captain’s exacerbation of the situation. We aim to provide our client, a hardworking man, with the medical care and financial stability he needs to fully recover.  

The Jones Act claim was filed in Galveston County by Kurt Arnold, Kyle Findley, Kala Sellers, and Adam Lewis.

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