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Jones Act Claim Filed for Young Seaman

Arnold & Itkin LLP has recently filed a Jones Act claim against Transocean on behalf of a young man who was harmed while working on the Deepwater Nautilus. Our client, a seaman with a long future ahead of him, was injured in the course of his duties. However, the real cause for legal action springs from how he was treated afterward. Our client was forced to continue his duties despite being injured. When he attempted to report his injuries to the medic, he was turned away.

Not only that, but the onboard medic deliberately misreported the injuries.

As a result, our client’s career and livelihood has been needlessly interrupted for the sake of immediate, short-term gains. Our client’s well-being should be considered a higher priority than the company’s. After all, losses at work can be made up for—the same is not necessarily true for our client’s physical health. Situations like this are what lead to permanent disability (and even fatal accidents). Eventually, a transfer to another vessel allowed our client to receive adequate medical care.  

Doing the Right Thing Is Best for Everyone

It’s an employer’s ethical and legal duty to protect employees from as many hazards as possible. It’s their duty to ensure the safety and health of their workers insofar as it is possible—and they are the ones responsible when their failure to do so harms one of them. This is a foundational tenet of the American workplace. More importantly, it’s the law.

The hardest part to understand is why the employer (and the culture aboard the Deepwater Nautilus) would work like this. Our client just wants to work. He just wants to make a living, but his employer is the one who has hindered his ability to be a productive employee. Having a generous policy regarding injuries and recovery time is not only better for employees—it’s better for companies too. Our firm looks forward to helping our young friend get justice. As always, our goal is to fight for the financial support needed to pay for his medical care, lost wages, and other losses from the injury.   

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