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Case Filed for Seaman Crippled in Tragic Accident

Offshore accidents have a greater potential for disaster. Specifically, drilling operations utilize high pressure and aging equipment to accomplish highly dangerous work, with employers putting workers at risk in order to make their quotas and achieve high profits. It’s a dangerous line of work with a fatality rate many times higher than the average.

For that reason alone, employers need to be relentlessly vigilant regarding the risks they expose their workers to. When companies slow down their operations for the sake of safety, lower profits can be made up for—injured employees, however, have to live with their losses for the rest of their lives. Injuries like that demand justice. 

In our most recent case, our client was hired to assist with deep-water pipeline operations on the Normand Maximus off the coast of Brazil. Employers ordered the crew to increase pressure to dangerous levels during the course of the project—eventually causing an explosion in the pipes. This explosion sent shrapnel hurtling in every direction, maiming multiple crewmembers and killing one. Our client’s calf was ripped away by the metal shards, leaving him with a severe fracture, nerve damage, and permanent damage. When events like this occur, victims suffer from both psychological and physical injuries.

As a result of one company’s dangerous instructions, our client has to live with the emotional and physical trauma of his ordeal forever. There’s no excuse for it. There’s no remedy for it—but at the very least, the company can pay for our client’s medical care, lost wages, and lost earning ability. Our firm looks forward to holding our client’s employers accountable for the pain he’s suffered, and we are eager to give our client a voice against his wrongdoers.

The case was filed in Harris County by Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Caj Boatright, Roland Christiansen, and Alison Baimbridge.

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