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Tugboat Accident

Case Filed for Seaman Injured on Tugboat

As one of the most dangerous jobs in America, offshore employment deserves the fullest protection and compensation available under the law. Arnold & Itkin is honored to be standing beside our newest client—a man who was injured while working aboard a tugboat for T&D Towing. Our client’s case was filed against his employer. Specifically, our client was asked to lift heavy nylon ropes that were far ...
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Danger of Falling Objects at Sea

At around 9 am, Gary stopped for a moment to speak with one of his coworkers at his worksite. An experienced construction worker, the 58-year-old veteran of the industry always had his hard hat around—but at the moment, his hat was in his truck. After all, he only needed a minute to talk to his guy. Fifty stories above him, another one of the workers was fumbling to free up his tape measure and ...
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