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Discrimination Against Maritime Employees

There is a high level of dedication and risk involved in the life of a seaman working on offshore excursions. As such, laws such as the Jones Act and the Merchant Marine Act have been created to protect the brave souls that honorably choose this lifestyle as a career.

Unfortunately, as a result of the dangers involved in offshore accidents, it sometimes becomes necessary for a seaman to protect his or her rights for coverage or compensation when the reasonable grounds for doing so are not recognized by the ship's owner, operator, or other high ranking persons.

Although it is unlawful for any employer to discharge or discriminate against an employee that has filed a claim or requested compensation for an injury claim, it still happens more often than anyone would like to think. Furthermore, some ship officials deny or refuse the appropriate coverage needed to overcome an injury that occurred while on the job.

These acts are illegal and should not be in practice nor left alone to persist in the future. At Arnold & Itkin LLP, offshore accident lawyers are available to assists anyone who has encountered this type of discrimination in their offshore workplace. The maritime industry is naturally filled with hazardous tasks that can lead to physical harm of those who perform the duties involved. Therefore, attorneys at the firm have dedicated themselves to protecting the rights of injured victims as they pertain to the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act (LHWCA).

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