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Arnold & Itkin Secure $2.5 Million for Injured Worker

Employers for offshore workers have a responsibility to keep their workers safe. That means building and maintaining safe facilities. When an injured worker came to us, he had a fractured back after suffering a major fall while working offshore. During our investigation, we realized that the place where he had fallen was missing a vital piece of safety equipment: railing.

During the process leading up to trial, Attorneys Jason Itkin and Kelly Woods gathered evidence about the missing railing and the employer’s knowledge of it—and the danger it posed. They also gathered evidence that the employer lacked a fall prevention program, which might also have prevented our client from suffering his fall.

Our attorneys gathered enough evidence to eventually compel our client’s employer to settle. The settlement, valued at $2.5 million, will provide for our client’s proposed back fusion surgery and other medical needs. Our firm is proud to have represented this man, who suffered a permanent and severe injury due to the negligence of his company and held them accountable for their poor safety practices. We are also proud to provide the financial security he needs to recover. 

If you've been injured, contact our firm today to share your story and fight for just and fair compensation.

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