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Oil Platform Fire Results in 28 Workers Being Evacuated

This morning, a fire broke out on an offshore supply vessel just off of the Louisiana coast at approximately 2:40 a.m. So far, no injuries have been reported; however, per the U.S. Coast Guard, more than two dozen workers were evacuated. It is currently believed that the incident was caused by a compressor that caught fire.

At the time of the fire, the rig was in state waters near Breton Island. The owner and operator of the rig, Texas Petroleum Investment Company, has stated that no more than 120 barrels of crude oil had been stored on the platform, which equates to roughly 5,000 gallons. Earlier in the day, Coast Guard officials expressed concern that the platform had been filled to capacity in its storage tanks, which would have been 168,000 gallons.

The platform’s production has since been shut down and the Coast Guard has reported that a light sheen of oil can be seen drifting for a 1.4 mile stretch of water southwest of the vessel. This morning, Petty Officer Ryan Tippets stated that a firefighting vessel was already on the scene of the incident and another was en route.

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