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Federal Agency to Meet Regarding Houston Ship Chanel Collision

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is the federal agency responsible for investigation transportation accident on the nation’s highways and waterways. Next week officials from the NTSB will meet regarding a ship collision that occurred in the Houston Ship channel in March of last year.

NTSB Hoping To Determine Cause Of Collision

The primary purpose of the meeting is to review information uncovered in preliminary investigation. The agency hopes to determine what caused the collision between the bulk carrier MV Summer Wind and the tow boat MV Miss Susan. At the time of the collision, the tow boat was pushing two barges. Ones of the barges was breached, which leaked 168,000 gallons of fuel into the channel. Two workers on board the vessel were also taken to the hospital for treatment of inhalation-related injuries.

Ship Channel Collisions Continue In 2015

Ship collisions have continued to be a problem in the Houston Ship Channel. In March of this year, two separate collisions occurred just four days apart.

In addition to discussion regarding the Houston Ship Channel collisions, agency officials will also look into a natural gas explosion that occurred in New York the same month. That explosion killed eight people and injured more than 50.

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