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Oil Companies, Maritime Law
The oil and gas industry is constantly growing in the U.S., and one of the biggest hubs of activity and growth is the Gulf of Mexico. The U.S. Energy Information Administration states that offshore oil production in the Gulf of Mexico accounts for 23% of America's crude oil production, along with 7% of natural gas. New wells are constantly being researched, providing an opportunity for those ...
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While most people know that personal injuries are often eligible for compensation, some may not know that certain circumstances change the laws applicable to these claims. When an injury occurs on water, it can fall under the jurisdiction of the Jones Act and other maritime laws. Crewmen of tug boats, riverboats, barges, and tankers, as well as passengers, can be injured in a number of ways while ...
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Open waters present many inherent dangers to those sailing them, but one often overlooked danger is the risk involved in transferring crewmembers to and from a vessel. Whether a person is being removed from a ship during an emergency or they are simply starting a work shift, personnel moves can happen in a number of ways, all of which come with potential hazards. Helicopters can often be used on ...
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Oil Spill, Offshore Accidents

Two Boats Sink in Middle Ship Channel

On Monday at approximately 10:46 p.m., 2 vessels (a 52-foot towing vessel named Delta Amber and a 26-foot dredging vessel named Nicholas) sunk in Mobile Ship Channel, just north of Gaillard Island. The crew of Miss Sammy Lee reported the incident to the U.S. Coast Guard and were responsible for rescuing the crews of both sunken vessels. Later, the crewmembers of Delta Amber and Nicholas were ...
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Arnold & Itkin News
The offshore injury attorneys at Arnold & Itkin filed a lawsuit on behalf on a Louisiana resident who was injured while working on a drill ship. The plaintiff suffered severe injuries to his wrist after being instructed to repair an oxygen line on the drill ship using the wrong equipment and parts. As a result of the injuries, the plaintiff has had multiple surgeries and has been unable to return ...
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