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Seafood is enjoyed by diners across the globe, involving both nutritional value as well as pleasurable taste. Many different types of seafood are prepared in a variety of ways, whether eaten raw, baked, fried, or broiled. Given the nature of the dishes, seafood consumption relies completely on the commercial fishing industry, responsible for the capture or farming of different forms of seafood. ...
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Update: Texas Barge Accident Clean-Up

On Saturday, the Texas City dike was forced to close after an oil-leak was detected from a barge off the coast. The area within the levee, which runs approximately five miles, was evacuated as a precaution and to allow for cleanup operations. The spill was the result of a collision between the barge and a 585-foot-long bulk carrier ship. The barge was carrying more than 920,000 gallons at the time ...
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UPDATE: Texas City Barge Accident

Following the collision of ship and barge yesterday afternoon , several agencies have arrived at the Texas City Dike in response to the oil spill. Texas City Homeland Security Director Bruce Clawson has stated that some of the bunker fuel from the barge has leaked out and has not yet been contained. Currently, state, federal, and local agencies are all working to contain the oil; according to ...
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On Saturday afternoon, a barge and ship collided near the Texas City dike, which is a levee that runs approximately five miles into the Galveston Bay. The barge involved in the accident was carrying more than 920,000 gallons of oil, which was leaking—it is currently unclear how much of the oil leaked. Around 12:30 p.m., the barge collided with a 585-foot-long bulk carrier ship. The barge partially ...
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