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Boat Accident
A recent maritime case result of ours involved a collision between two vessels. In In Re BOPCO, L.P. , Civil Action No. 11-3137, In the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, Section "C" (5), our client, Ryk Frickey, suffered injuries after being struck by a BOPCO commercial vessel. Defendant tried to limit its liability to $45,000 (the value of the vessel involved) ...
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Jones Act
The maritime industry is being faced with the question of "progress" concerning the supposed antiquity and restrictiveness of its mercantilist policies, as stated in the Merchant Act of 1920. The act, more commonly referred to by those in the industry as the Jones Act, is the standing law of the land governing the maritime trade and shipbuilding industry in the United States. The Jones Act was ...
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Aviation Accident

Seven-Figure Helicopter Verdict on Zero-Offer Case

In Derek LeBlanc v. PHI, Inc., Cause No. 12-2-1545 , In the 24 th Judicial District Court of Calhoun County, Texas, our client, Derek LeBlanc, the father of two young children, won a seven-figure jury verdict for damages suffered in an aviation accident. The pretrial offer was zero. Our client also received additional financial compensation through a confidential pretrial settlement from another ...
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Maritime Piracy, Piracy

Authorities Arrest Suspects in Pirate Attack

Opening the new year with an attack off of the coast of Aden in Yemen, Somali pirates were momentarily successful in apprehending an oil tanker in the Gulf of Aden. UK Maritime Trade Operation (UKMTO) received a distress call from the oil tanker on the evening of Friday, January 17, stating that it was indeed under attack. A private on-board security team was able to repel the attack until further ...
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Arnold & Itkin News
Offshore injury lawyers at Arnold & Itkin LLP have filed a lawsuit for a longshoreman who was severely injured in an explosion that happened on a vessel owned and operated by Third Coast Towing, LLC. The explosion occurred when the longshoreman was welding aboard the vessel. He sustained serious burns and other injuries and received medical treatment in Corpus Christi, where the accident occurred, ...
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A worker aboard a supply ship was in serious danger after he lost his foot in an accident aboard his vessel. The man allegedly caught his foot in a line on the ship, and it came clean off. The captain of the supply ship contacted the Coast Guard at about 4:00 p.m., asking if they could come to their aid. The Coast Guard helicopter arrived shortly after and medevaced the victim. Known as the MH-65 ...
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Recovering Benefits Under the LHWCA When a longshoreman or harbor worker is injured or made ill while at work, they have several options for recovering compensation. One option is to recover benefits under the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act (LHWCA), which is a no-fault system similar to state workers' compensation. Employers are immune from a direct lawsuit and workers do not need ...
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