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3 Things Every Offshore Worker Should Know

When a maritime worker is injured offshore, companies often take steps to minimize their potential exposure for paying money damages right away. Some companies have coerced injured workers into signing documents, providing recorded statements or visiting a hired-gun, company doctor in order to better protect the company from a potential lawsuit.

Workers like to think that their company has their best interest at mind and often times, their immediate supervisors do. Unfortunately, risk managers and claims adjuster working in the corporate office frequently do not share the same concerns.

It is extremely important that all offshore workers be familiar with their legal rights if they are injured while working.

Here are three important things that offshore workers need to know about their legal rights.

  1. Offshore workers are NOT required to give a recorded statement. Companies often try to get the injured worker to provide a written or recorded statement about how the injury happened. While it is important to report the injury to your employer as soon as possible, you should be extremely cautious about giving a recorded statement without first consulting with an experienced trial lawyer.
  2. Maritime workers are NOT required to sign any paperwork in order to receive medical care. Much like a recorded statement, companies often try to get injured workers to sign paperwork before authorizing their emergency medical treatment. Sometimes this paperwork could include language that potentially limits a company's responsibility for the injury. Injured offshore workers should consult with an experience maritime attorney before signing any paperwork related to the accident.
  3. Offshore workers are NOT required to see the company's doctor. Injured offshore workers have the right to see any doctor of their choice. Often times the company will tell the injured worker that he or she can only see the company doctor or that he or she must at least see the company doctor prior to seeking outside treatment. As an injured worker you have the right to see any doctor of your choice.

If you are injured while working offshore, the company likely has a team of people working to limit the company's responsibility. You need a team of people working for you.

If you are injured while working offshore, consult with a team of experienced offshore injury attorneys as soon as possible.

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