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Shell Fined for EPA Violations During Offshore Exploration

According to The Maritime Executive, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will fine Shell Gulf of Mexico Inc. and Shell Offshore Inc. after the companies violated the Clean Air Act while on an exploration in the waters of Alaska.

About the Clean Air Act

The Clean Air Act Outer Continental Shelf is a set of regulations that were set by the EPA in early 2012. The permits issued to oil drilling companies set emission limits and pollution control requirements. The EPA also required that all companies monitor the emissions and potential pollution, and keep records on all emission issues. Also, the EPA required that all companies report any emissions or pollution to the EPA. Companies were also required to report any emission issues on icebreakers, spill response vessels, and supply ships that may travel the waters.

Shell's EPA Violations

Reports show that the EPA was concerned when Shell scheduled an exploration drilling in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas that are off the North Slope of Alaska. The EPA inspected this situation and determined that Shell had committed numerous air pollution violations.

Shell filed excess emission reports concerning the exploration and the EPA then affixed those violations to the Shell's Discoverer and the Kulluk drill ship fleets. The vessels operated in Alaska for about two months during the 2012 drilling season last year.

Shell has agreed to pay a $710,000 penalty for the violations of the Discoverer air permit. The company will also pay a $390,000 penalty for violations of the Kulluk air permit. The EPA issued different violation notices for Shell's Discoverer and Kulluk air permits. Shell did not operate in 2013 under the air permits.

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