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Suit Filed on Behalf of Harris County Injured Seaman

On March 26, 2013, Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Kyle Findley, and another attorney from Arnold & Itkin filed a lawsuit on behalf of an injured Jones Act Seaman in Harris County, Texas. The plaintiff is a Florida resident sustained serious injuries while on the job including a serious neck and head injury. These injuries occurred as he was working on a drilling barge located just off of the coast of Louisiana. According to reports, the Plaintiff and various crewmembers were conducting a blind lift on the barge and the Plaintiff was then struck across the head and face with the pipe.

After he was struck, the victim then was knocked unconscious he then fell several feet from the barge casing even more injury to his body. Due to the impact of the pipe and the fall, the Plaintiff was required to undergo extensive medical treatments visiting numerous doctors in order to receive the proper treatments. The team at Arnold & Itkin will be doing whatever is in their power to represent the rights of this wrongfully injured worker as they seek to obtain the compensation that rightfully belongs to the victims for his pain and suffering.

Jones Act seaman are continually placing their lives at risk in the dangerous offshore business; however. it is the responsibility of the employers to ensure that every precaution is being observed in order to create a safe work environment. When this does not occur, or there are employees who are improperly trained, people can get hurt and their very lives placed at risk. In the event you or a loved one has been injured in a similar offshore accident, contact a trusted Jones Act attorney at our firm today for the legal representation you deserve!

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