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P&A Operations and Platform Abandonment Injuries/Fatalities

An offshore roustabout worker lost his life when helping with P&A operations on the wells as they sought to decommission a production platform. Sadly, this entry level worker did not survive the severe injuries he endured from his workplace accident, and he will never be able to go home to his family again. As a result of the devastating accident, the U.S. Department of the Interior as well as the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement have conducted an investigation on these types of injuries and fatalities as far too many offshore workers are being placed in harm's way.

According to reports, this man was killed during a night shift as they were seeking to move the power swivel that was located on top of the well. The roustabout was placed as a rigger in order to help maintain control of the load as they moved it. Unfortunately, as the swivel was in motion, the employee was dragged into an opening in the well that was exposed because of the swivel being moved. However, due to there being nothing to over the opening, the victim fell inside the well. On the platform there was a lot of confusion in regards to the emergency planning after the accident which resulted in the medevac response being delayed at the scene; the worker lost his life as a result.

Government investigations of the incident state there were a number of safety violations that played a role in the accident and subsequent death of the roustabout employee. First, the supervisor over the shift that night was not properly prepared with the emergency response plane, nor did he have the necessary information for their contact readily available at the time of the fall. The meetings conducted for the employees never address the hole that was located under the swivel, and therefore there was no protection established against falling accidents which is required by not only company but government policies.

Another dangerous mistake that was made was due to the fact that the tag lines holding the swivel were only three feet in length, which forced the riggers to stand extremely close to the swivel. Because of this, the worker was caught on the equipment and fell to his death. Reports also demonstrate that a number of tools and equipment on site were in violation of safety codes and were poorly positioned on the platform. The offshore platform had a number of safety and health violations and as a result of the employer's actions, a worker lost his life as a result.

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