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Offshore Fatality Caused by Boom Hoist Wire Rope Failure

A February safety alert by the Bureau of Safety Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) claims that a platform fatality offshore was caused by a number of violations on site. Their reports show that the workers were using a crane on the platform in order to place a generator that was located rig and place it on a vessel. Closely positioned by the lift were two tanks and a lubricator that was 14 feet high. Underneath to help with the moving were two riggers that held onto tag lines during the process. Unfortunately as they were trying to movie the load over o the vessel, the hoist wire rope broke, causing the boom to fall below. Due to the closely positioned equipment on site, the boom crashed into the generator they were lifting, and eventually fell overboard into the water. The generator broke into three different sections and as the nose section fell into the water the left side rigger was struck by the bridle holding the falling parts of the generator and died from the impact. The bridle that struck the rigger weighed about 850 pounds.

According to the BSEE reports of the accident, they determined that the wiring broke largely due to advanced corrosion which made it weak, and was eventually succumbed to the weight of the equipment and snapped. One of the probable causes of the early corrosion of the hoist wire rope was due to improper lubrication methods as well as the wrong type of lubricant used internally. While the crane underwent their annual inspection six month prior to the accident the investigators failed to examine the cranes boom host wire specifically. Sadly, those who were operating the crane were reported to not be paying special attention to the entirety of what they were doing, namely they did not notice the corrosion of the wires ropes even during the pre-inspection before using the crane that day.

Comprehensive training and inspections are necessary for offshore platforms as the workers very lives rest in the equipment's ability to properly conduct the job. When mistakes occur and inspections are not properly conducted people are injured or killed on the job. If you have recently lost a loved one ion a wrongful death accident on the job, contact Arnold &Itkin today. At our firm you will receive the helped of a highly experienced offshore accident lawyer and we will help you and your family seeks the compensation you rightfully deserve after the accident. Be certain to contact our firm immediately if you plan to take legal action, as this may be a lengthy process, though well worth it for the sake of your family. Call us today to further discuss the best course of action for your situation!

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