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Arnold & Itkin File Suit on Behalf of Injured Seaman

An offshore worker was harmed when he was working with TransOcean on his first hitch out. According to court documents, the man was instructed on how to untie pipes on his vessel, but the way that he was taught to do the procedure was dangerous. When he acted as he was instructed, he got his leg lodged in a set of pipes. This caused him to suffer a severe knee injury. The injury is so bad that the individual's bones rub together. His case is pending in Harris County, Texas, and he has suffered intense pain and suffering as a result.

Arnold & Itkin came alongside this injured individual to prove that TransOcean was negligent in how they dealt with the case. They argued that TransOcean failed to properly supervise their crews, failed to properly train their employees, failed to provide an adequate crew, failed to provide adequate safety equipment, failed to maintain a vessel, failed to inspect and repair vessel equipment, and instructed the victim to maintain a job in an unsafe manner. Also, Arnold & Itkin argues that this victim was injured because TransOcean operated their vessel in an unsafe manner and was unable to provide adequate crew to work on the project.

As Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Kyle Findley, and another attorney from Arnold & Itkin work on this case, they will continue to prove that the worker was not adequately trained for his job and this caused him undue harm. If you are injured in a TransOcean accident or any other offshore injury, then you need to contact an attorney at our firm today to get representation. You need a dedicated and hardworking lawyer to come alongside you and assist you with your case! With the right lawyer there, you can rest assured that you are getting optimal representation and have a greater chance of gathering the settlement that you deserve!

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