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Oil Barge Worker Injured, Arnold & Itkin File Suit on His Behalf

Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Kyle Findley, and another attorney from Arnold & Itkin have filed suit on behalf of an injured oil barge employee who sustained injuries after falling down a stair well in 2012. The barge worker was unaware at the time that the stairs were heavily coated with oil, which lead to his slip and fall accident. As a result of this incident, lawyers at Arnold & Itkin have filed a Jones Act claim on the victim's behalf in order to receive the deserved monetary compensation for his workplace injury. This case is currently pending in Galveston County Court.

Slip and fall injuries can have devastating effects on victims, ranging from broken bones to more serious and life changing injuries such as neck and back or brain injuries. Even when the injury is less severe, it is very likely that the employee will be required to take a large amount of time off work in order to fully recover before returning to the job in some cases, these victims may never be able to do their old job or work again because of the injury they sustained. Fighting for compensation for an offshore injury will allow victims and their family the opportunity to have financial aid in matters of medical bills, lost wages, etc.

Jones Act injury claims are filed in the event that a maritime worker was injured in some way while on the job. At Arnold & Itkin, our firm is highly experienced in legal matters regarding offshore injuries and lawsuits, and we would like to offer that same service to you in the event of a similar incident. Please do not hesitate in contacting our office for more information regarding how an experienced Jones Act lawyer can fight for you. Call us today!

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