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MPPF Provides New Prospects for Mariners in Hong Kong

C. Chan has officially been recognized by the Maritime Professional Promotion Federation (MPPF), along with the Hong Kong Maritime Forum (HKMF), in a joint press conference, as the first female mariner in Hong Kong to qualify as Captain of an ocean-going vessel. Among employees and officials of the shipping industry in Hong Kong, Chan is now positively recognized as "a successful maritime professional," for her efforts on board the passenger vessel, "Star Pisces," of Star Cruises.

Recognized as an international maritime center, Hong Kong has a longstanding history in the global maritime industry. In fact, the country currently holds prime status in the maritime industry. Even so, the Hong Kong has suffered from the same shortage of maritime professionals that has been experienced by other maritime centers of less noteworthy recognition. To counter the potential problems of such as issue, the MPFF, in conjunction with the Marine Department and the HKSU, have introduced new subsidy schemes.

Sponsorship schemes have been pushed forward for ten years, and many beneficiaries of the sponsorships have already completed their two-year, on-the-job training. Some of them have even acquired Certificates of Competency and taken up positions as deck officers and engineers. Ms. C. Chan is one such maritime professional who chose to take advantage of the opportunities provided to Hong Kong mariners in the country. Now the female professional is a living representation of the positive results that can be gained from the country's introduction of the sponsorship schemes being offered to employees in the industry.

As demonstrated by Chan's recent qualifications for status as Captain of an ocean-going vessel, there are promising career prospects for cadets who work to complete the onboard training offered to them. In fact, mariners who pursue a career in seafaring benefit from the 100% employment rate guarantee. Mariners in the country are even offered with their choice of a professional career aboard an ocean-going vessel or a river-trade vessel. Mariners who've successfully completed their professional qualifications also have the option of returning to shore-based maritime industries to fulfill managerial positions after completing their training.

For those who aspire to work at sea in Hong Kong, there is much to be gained from the initiatives that were taken by MPPF between 2002 and 2004. Scholarships and elite training were offered to mariners such as Ms. Chan, many of whom now have their own success stories to tell of the opportunities that were provided to them. Financial incentives were also offered to cadets in the Sea-Going Training Incentive Scheme. Now, more than 230 deck and engineer cadets have taken part in the program, shining light on the incentive program's overall success.

Ms. Chan's personal accomplishments as a female mariner in Hong Kong might not have been possible without the efforts put for by the Maritime Professional Promotion Federation, members of whom just recently dedicated a press conference to the qualifying captain for her accomplishments. As longtime advocates for maritime professionals worldwide, at Arnold & Itkin LLP, these are the kinds of stories that we love to hear.

Every offshore injury lawyer at our office fully believes in providing optimal opportunities and standards of safety to the mariners and offshore workers who dedicate themselves to this professional lifestyle. As such, we are happy to report on stories of this nature. To remain up to date on the most recent happenings in the maritime and offshore industry fields, we encourage you to continue checking our blog posts. We regularly report on new laws, recent accidents, and positive tales relating to the maritime industry as a whole. You can also contact an offshore injury attorney at our office for additional information.

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