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Suit Filed For Injured Maritime Employee

Arnold & Itkin LLP filed suit recently on behalf of a maritime employee from Louisiana. The deckhand was working on a lift boat offshore when a coworker put him in a headlock. The violent action hurt the worker’s neck, causing him to suffer pain and seek medical attention. After the incident, the company that this injured worker was associated with determined that they would not pay his medical bills. After disagreements, the maritime company eventually fired this worker.

This is contrary to the standards set in the Jones Act which declares that those who are injured in offshore accidents are entitled to compensation if they were hurt on the job under a broad range of circumstances. Jones Act claims are similar to worker’s compensation claims, but victims can often obtain even more compensation because more sufferings are covered and the amounts of money awarded can be larger.

At Arnold & Itkin LLP, the maritime lawyers saw fit to file a case against the company on behalf of this injured worker. They hope that with representation from the firm this individual will be able to get the medical attention that he requires, have the expenses for this attention covered, and make up for the wages that he has lost since the incident occurred. The lawsuit was filed in Houston, Texas.

If you have been injured on-the-job or on an offshore vessel, then you have the right to seek compensation from your employer. With the right attorney on your side, you may be able to obtain the compensation that you deserve. Contact Arnold & Itkin LLP today for more information. This firm has secured hundreds of millions of dollars for injured seamen, and you may have the right to seek damages that can aid your recovery.

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