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Engine Room Fire Leaves Cruise Passengers Stranded

According to the Houston Chronicle, an engine room fire on a Carnival Cruise ship has left the passengers stranded about 150 miles off of the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. The blaze in the engine room was contained when the automatic for extinguishing system kicked into gear. No crew members or guests were injured, but they were all asked to remain in the public areas or on the ship’s deck for safety measures. The ship is called the Carnival Triumph, and was bound for Galveston when they accident occurred. The fire caused the boat to lose propulsion and it is running on emergency generator power at present. This has left passengers wondering when they will be able to pull back into port.

The ship left for Galveston last Thursday and it was scheduled to return on Monday. While a tugboat is on its way, a change in plans is going to cut the cruise short. The passengers will now disembark the cruise ship in Progreso, Mexico and will be flown home at the cruise line’s expense to get to their destinations. The stranded guests have kept others informed by using Twitter and Facebook to announce their current situation. Some were praying for a safe return. Family members who were still onshore say that they were upset about how little information they received regarding their loved ones on the ship.

People who were planning on taking cruises in the near future were also disappointed when they heard that the Carnival cruise lines has cancelled all trips on Triumph in the near future. The trips on the ship which were scheduled for Monday and Saturday have been terminated in order to perform necessary maintenance on the ship. Currently, many showers and toilets have stopped working and the electricity is being used sparingly. Some passengers say that they are still having a good time. In fact, the Carnival Elation took a detour from its course to rendezvous with the passengers on the Triumph. Carnival is offering all passengers on the boat another trip for free and will refund them for the cost of the trip. If you are injured in a cruise ship accident, then you may have the right to seek compensation. Talk to an attorney today for more information!

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