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Arnold & Itkin File Suit on Behalf of Injured Offshore Employee

When you are employed as an oilfield worker, you understand that there is some risk involved. Your company is responsible for training employees and inspecting equipment operations. This was not the case for the injured offshore worker that Arnold & Itkin LLP recently filed suit on behalf of. Seasoned maritime attorneys Jason Itkin, Cory Itkin and Noah Wexler are representing the plaintiff in this case. The South Texas oilfield worker was seriously hurt in a basket transfer, as it suddenly plummeted downwards. As the worker was attempting to transfer from a crew boat to a jack up rig, the Billy Pugh basket slipped into a dangerous free fall. The worker suffered painful injuries to his neck, back, and shoulder due to the incident. The case was filed in Hidalgo County, Texas and still awaits trial.

Many offshore jobs include risky operations, requiring extensive training and practice. Billy Pugh basket transfers are a necessity for many workers, as their job requires special means of transportation. Without this transfer system, it would be very difficult to get from various jobsites. This is not an ideal means of transportation, however, as it can be very dangerous and risky. When a worker is suspended above ground, there is always room for error. When employers require workers to put their safety on the line for a job, there must be extra precautions taken. If a basket operator wasn't properly trained or weather conditions were too dangerous for transfers, it could be a case of employer negligence. They are responsible for ensuring the safety of their employees, regardless of the job description.

Arnold & Itkin represents clients for all types of maritime injuries, including ones caused by fall accidents. When an individual is injured from a work-related incident, it can often be difficult to retain the compensation needed. If you don't take action, your livelihood might be on the line. Serious injuries often prevent individuals from returning to work. Let a maritime lawyer at Arnold & Itkin fight for your case! They are committed to obtaining the justice their clients deserve. Contact their firm today to start discussing your case.

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