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Costa Concordia Update: Human Error to Blame?

Early Monday rescue missions have been halted on the Costa Concordia, as rough seas contributed with the shifting from the rescues were raising alarm that fuel could start leaking from the vessel. There is an estimated 500,000 gallons aboard and many are worried that this could start to spill into the ocean – which happens to be a dolphin sanctuary right off the Giglio coast. There have been a confirmed six deaths following the incident; this leaves sixteen people who are unaccounted for, two of which are American.

The captain of the ship, Francesco Schettino, was jailed on early Saturday with pending charges involving manslaughter, abandoning ship and the causing of a shipwreck. The prosecutor who is pursuing charges has since stated that the captain had made a "reckless maneuver" by getting that close to the coast and that it was inexcusable. The captain is set to face a judge on Tuesday, January 17 in regards to his case; until then, he will remain in jail on the mainland.

Chairman and CEO of Costa Crociere, Pier Luigi Foschi, has made his own remarks on the wreck, stating that the cause of the cruise ship accident was "human error" and that the captain had deviated from the official course. While over 100 times a year, ships take the same path that the Costa Concordia had, Foschi made it clear that they always stay further out to sea. The captain of the ship, however, is speculated to have wanted to show off the city on the island. An unauthorized decision that is the alleged cause of the wreckage.

Although they would be willing to share more details, Foschi has stated that they are unable to give an accurate timeline of the events that unfolded because the prosecutors have since seized all ship data. He has, however, stated that the company will step forward and do everything that they can to protect the passengers and crew members who were aboard the ship and who have suffered as a result of the negligence.

Currently, it is expected that Costa Cruises will suffer a nearly $100 million loss this year as a result of the crash. This, along with the loss from personal injury liability, has many estimating this to be one of the largest maritime insurance losses in history – experts and analysts stating that the company could end up suffering over a billion in losses. While the ship is insured for $503 million, this wouldn't be enough to absorb all the damage that the company is likely facing.

We at Arnold & Itkin recognize that those who were involved in a cruise ship accident such as this can experience extreme and debilitating injuries as a result. If you were victimized as a passenger or a crew member on the Costa Concordia or if you have a loved one who suffered, then you could have grounds to file an offshore injury claim. By getting the involvement of a maritime attorney from our firm, you can rest assured knowing that you will have an advocate in your corner who will go the distance for you. We know what is on the line and we will take the time to investigate the incident and prepare the strongest case possible. Contact Arnold & Itkin today to learn more about how we can help you protect your legal rights in the wake of a cruise ship accident such as the one involving Costa Concordia.

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