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Costa Concordia: The Tragedy Continues as More Bodies are Found

A shipwreck that occurred more than a month ago continues to plague the families, loved ones, friends, etc. of those who innocently lost their lives on the fateful day of January 13, 2012. The Costa Concordia cruise ship struck rock just off the shore of Isola del Giglio close to Italy and disaster immediately ensued. However, unlike other disasters that are catastrophic but short-lived, this one has been dragged out for more than a month and will likely continue for some time more. Passengers and crew members of the ship remain missing, and even now, more bodies are continuing to be found in relation to the shipwreck in January.

A total of eight bodies have now been found in connection with the shipwreck, putting the total death toll at 25. While four bodies have been successfully recovered from the wreckage, further recovery has been put on hold due to bad weather conditions that do not make for conducive search and recovery operations. As of now, seven bodies remain missing and recovery missions will be continued as soon as weather conditions allow.

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