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Have you been injured in a work-related accident? Longshoremen are responsible for loading and unloading cargo from ships and other vessels. The nature of this work is full of potential mishaps. If your employer was reckless or negligent in upholding safety standards or regarding your welfare, you could be entitled to compensation.

You should not be responsible for the medical bills that resulted from your injuries and you could also be reimbursed for any loss of wages incurred by not being able to work. In the most extreme cases, your injuries could make it impossible for you to return to work, and in that event, you’ll need a powerful legal team to fight the employer responsible and establish your future financial security. Arnold & Itkin isn’t afraid to go to bat for longshoremen, even when that means facing large companies. We do whatever it takes!

Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act (LHWCA)

The Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act (LHWCA), commonly known as the "Longshore Act," was created in 1927 to help protect the rights of maritime and dock workers. In addition to those responsible for loading and unloading on docks, the LHWCA also covers workers building or repairing vessels.

According to the United States Department of Labor, the Longshore Act ensures employment-injury and occupational-disease protection for workers. This compensation is to be paid by the employer, an authorized insurance carrier, or the Division of Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation fund.

Longshoremen's Duties Focus on Loading and Unloading Cargo

The tasks of longshoremen can change often as they can be assigned to any job that is requested of them by the terminal operator including operating equipment, rigging cargo, carrying heavy loads, and much more.

Marine terminals are high traffic areas with:

  • Cranes
  • Tractors
  • Forklifts
  • Heavy Cargo Containers

The above are usually in motion, which requires constant vigil of all employees in the area. Although terminal areas have many safety regulations to be followed, the possibility of an accident is high.

Nationwide Representation for Injured Longshoremen: (888) 346-5024

Longshoremen have specific rights when employed by United States companies. At Arnold & Itkin, our experienced maritime lawyers are completely dedicated to protecting the rights of longshoremen.

Our qualifications include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • We have recovered billions of dollars in verdicts & settlements.

  • We were selected as one of the 2015 Elite Trial Lawyers 50 firms.

  • Kurt Arnold and Jason Itkin were selected to the Lawdragon 500 Leading Lawyers in America.

  • Our founding attorneys were honored in the "40 Under 40" awards program.

  • Attorneys Jason Itkin and Kurt Arnold have been invited to join the Inner Circle of Advocates.

Our maritime injury firm can provide you with a free consultation to talk about what occurred and what right you may have to seek financial compensation for medical care and possibly much more.

Maritime Law and Longshoremen's Rights

Longshoreman Rights

Due to the unique hazards of the maritime industry, the National Maritime Safety Administration was formed to represent the marine cargo handling industry in the United States in safety and to "aid, advance, assist, encourage, promote, and support safety in marine cargo handling operations." In alliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the organizations work together to provide those in the marine cargo handling industry with "information, guidance, and access to training resources that will help them protect employees' health and safety."

If you suffered a serious injury while performing your longshore duties it is your right to seek compensation from your employer to protect your family and your livelihood. If a loved one died while involved in the operation of loading or unloading cargo from a vessel, you may also be able to file a claim. Our maritime attorneys at Arnold & Itkin are experienced and have a successful track record with marine-related cases. Call us today to learn more!

Safety Precautions for a Longshoreman

Ensuring that you have a safe working environment is your employer's job, but you can take precautions to avoid injury while working as a longshoreman. Keep the following in mind when working on the docks:

  • Stay alert;
  • Scan the environment for hazards;
  • Be mindful of others;
  • Do not become complacent; and
  • Always follow safety guidelines.

Irrespective of fault, an injured worker may be entitled to receive compensation from the LHWCA. However, if you have been injured due to the negligence and carelessness of another you may be eligible to file a claim.

Contact a Maritime Injury Lawyer Today

If you have been injured while performing your longshore duties, time is of the essence when initiating a claim for benefits under the LHWCA. Our firm serves longshoremen throughout the United States, representing their rights under maritime law in order to help them recover the full benefits to which they are rightfully entitled. We work hard to maximize our clients' recoveries and approach trials and negotiations with confidence in our ability to win.

Contact a maritime attorney at Arnold & Itkin today to learn more: (888) 346-5024.

We are proud to represent clients throughout the country, including offshore workers from states such as Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Longshoreman Rights

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